PBS Eyes Additional Locations Nationwide
July 24, 2006

Omaha, NE - PRIME BioShield, LLC, (PBS) and its chairman and CEO David Hallberg announced today that the first commercial-scale demonstration of the patented closed-loop technology will soon commence operations in Mead, NE. PBS initiated development of the Mead project in 2003; has overseen its development, permitting and construction; and is part owner of the facility's parent company, E3PBS Holdco, LLC.

The $71 million integrated biorefinery will be the first to combine a modified ethanol unit; a weather-protected, slatted floor feedlot for manure capture; and a solid waste management system (anaerobic digestion) with biofertilizer recovery. Animal and other wastes are converted into sufficient biogas to eliminate the need for purchased natural gas to operate the ethanol unit, and odor and manure pollution is controlled.

"Since first filing for the patent more than six years ago, we have firmly believed that this innovative approach to producing biofuels with little or no fossil fuels would become a reality," Hallberg, the technology's inventor, said. "Now, as fossil fuel costs soar and Americans demand an end to our dependence on imported oil, PBS is positioned to build more of these environmentally friendly plants nationwide."

PBS and E3 BioFuels, LLC, of Kansas City, KS, recently severed their relationship pertaining to development and ownership of future facilities. Each will retain its ownership interest in and provide management support to the Mead complex. However, in the future, PBS is free to enter into alliances with other parties, and will independently develop, finance, construct and operate integrated complexes using the patented technology.

"We are excited about the market's enthusiastic response to our suite of 'green' products, spanning the spectrum from truly renewable ethanol to 'natural' beef and milk products to biofertilizers," said Hallberg. "Market leaders like Wal-Mart and Costco are demonstrating serious commitment to providing their customers with a one-stop shop for E85 and source-verified beef, and PBS is gearing up to meet this growing demand for environmentally friendly products."

For additional information about this release please contact Daniel Kenney at 402-443-9296.

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